April update!

Trip to UGANDA, the Pearl of Africa, was very good. The Grey Crowned Crane at the centre of its flag was chosen for its gentle nature, a perfect choice reflecting the kind and welcoming people everywhere we went. It was great to see all  old friends and business associates. Business seems as solid there as ever, with a steady growth predicted..

We say hello to our new customer in Zambia and hope to visit them soon. Their flag features an eagle, representing the people’s ability to rise above the nation’s problems.

I’m thinking what bird might be suitable for the flag of Eli?

No, not a Great Tit….!

The trip to Jakarta was a amzing, the factory visit was superb. Seeing the only complete smart card manufacturer operating like a European outfit in Indonesia..very slick, and wonderful hospitality as ever from our suppliers there.

New opportunities have arisen with various mobile operators and we are hopeful to get in to a couple of big groups this year…watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for important news.

So far this year we have placed over 15 million sim cards and are in line to double our last year sales..lekker!!


I used to go to the Circus to see the fat tattooed lady, now they’re everywhere…


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  1. Yaaaaa…..!!!

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