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Lilo technique!

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the Plain

We have been back two weeks now and sitting on that terrace in 30C seems like a very distant memory:

Remarkable that one week we are having to use a buggy to play golf because it’s so hot, and the next week I’m looking for the hand warmers and waterproofs because Britain in August is experiencing Arctic conditions. Should curb the rioters a little though, and the rain ought to put out a few of those fires…

April update!

Trip to UGANDA, the Pearl of Africa, was very good. The Grey Crowned Crane at the centre of its flag was chosen for its gentle nature, a perfect choice reflecting the kind and welcoming people everywhere we went. It was great to see all  old friends and business associates. Business seems as solid there as ever, with a steady growth predicted..

We say hello to our new customer in Zambia and hope to visit them soon. Their flag features an eagle, representing the people’s ability to rise above the nation’s problems.

I’m thinking what bird might be suitable for the flag of Eli?

No, not a Great Tit….!

The trip to Jakarta was a amzing, the factory visit was superb. Seeing the only complete smart card manufacturer operating like a European outfit in Indonesia..very slick, and wonderful hospitality as ever from our suppliers there.

New opportunities have arisen with various mobile operators and we are hopeful to get in to a couple of big groups this year…watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for important news.

So far this year we have placed over 15 million sim cards and are in line to double our last year sales..lekker!!


I used to go to the Circus to see the fat tattooed lady, now they’re everywhere…


Long time no hear!

Everybody should pay their taxes with a smile, said Eli. “I tried it but they wanted cash”.

Topical joke here in the UK, last day to file your tax return online!

Life at PMB has been very hectic these last few weeks. It’s hard work, we are constantly on the go, but there’s a real buzz about the place. Yesterday, if you believe the papers in this country, was supposed to be the happiest day of the year! First pay cheque, and the day most people book their summer holiday! I don’t have time for holidays – not sure the Marketing Director would agree with that, she thinks my life is just one long holiday…

I have just returned from Indonesia. Another extremely fruitful visit for PMB. It was a bit of a whirlwind, I’m still recovering, but well worth it. We secured the sim supply to one of Indonesia’s biggest operators. Fantastic start for us.

The social networking solution from Myriad: Xumii, is being sold into Indonesia. We are just waiting for contracts to be signed. Let’s hope this is the start of a great partnership. The highlight of the trip must have been the police escort to the airport en route to Bali! I’ve never experienced anything like it, we were stuck in traffic, and the powers that be organised some motorbike outriders!

I felt like I was in the movies – no, not those sort of movies!

Off to MWC in Barcelona in a couple of weeks, hoping to land another big one then. Following Spain it’s Kenya and Uganda late February. Keep on keeping on!

Just thought I would say hello to all our clients and friends in Egypt. Can’t imagine how difficult life must be for you at the moment.


Indonesia again…

I’ve just returned from a fabulous trip to Indonesia. It’s a real hotbed there for PMB, lots of new clients in the pipeline, and a chance to look at some innovative products as well.

Bali was amazing, especially the Nirvana Golf Club, we had a fantastic weekend there thanks to the generosity of my Sim card suppliers who arranged the trip as a surprise.

The Social Networking Solution – Xumii – has created a real storm in Indonesia and we are in advanced talks with a major operator in Jakarta, we are hopeful it will be launched shortly.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly enjoyed a great weekend despite the huge amount of rainfall whilst we were there. A bit like Manchester – but warmer! Oh, and a few more palm trees!

Sims are doing great guns. We are increasing month on month sales to Indonesia and Uganda and we are about to break the market in Kenya. As far as we are concerned we are still the cheapest available. Without compromising on quality or lead times.

I shall be in Capetown in November showcasing our new products at the AfricaCom 2010. Especially our new low-cost Android model available at under $150. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Fate is not an eagle it creeps like a rat…

We’re moving house. Nightmare. My job was to clear out the garage. Mainly because the garage has been home to some not so cuddly, small, furry creatures. I swaggered bravely to the back of the garage and used a broom handle to gingerly poke a pile of blankets.

The little rastards have eaten their way through half a yoga mat, a garden umbrella and my treasured golf bag which was decorated with badges from all the clubs in Africa I had played at. Gutted, but relieved that the rotten rodents seem to have flown the nest. But that means they are somewhere else.. Where?!

Indonesia beckons. I leave on Monday for a week of meetings and talks re a possible new scratch card contract and the phone software, is gathering momentum.

Interesting facts you might not know about Indonesia:

Indonesia is the fourth largest country of the world, in terms of population.

Indonesia is counted amongst the largest producers of nutmeg in the world.

The national motto of Indonesia is ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago the world, comprising of five main islands – Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.

Indonesia boasts of thousands of islands, out of which around six thousand are inhabited.

Indonesia is home to some of the rarest creatures in the world, including miniature deer, fish that climb trees to catch insects and spiders that catch and devour small birds in giant webs.

I think given the choice, I prefer the mat eating rat!

Do I not like that…!

These are the words of Graham Taylor following England’s defeat to Holland in the World Cup. ‘Do I not like that.’

Excellent. I prefer this though:

It was a very simple team talk. All I used to say was: ‘Whenever possible give the ball to George Best’. Sir Matt Busby’s famous words.

Still on the footy theme, have you seen this clip from a recent Chesterfield game? Keep watching after the goal….!

Anyway enough already. It’s only a game!

Back to business and things have been really busy on the work front. This week I attended some training re social streaming and Mobile Networking Solutions for   We’ll be pushing this product to our client base in Africa & Asia.

We’re also interested in some new  USSD products for the low cost markets – great innovations happening here. Talking about innovations – have you seen the new product page on our WEB SITE? Great stuff  available, complete mobile phone software solutions apart from our old favourites which are proving very popular.

I’m just preparing for  a trip to Indonesia, with clients there interested in our new mobile phone software solutions. Will there be time for a sneaky round of golf? I doubt it, it’s a pretty full itinerary and we’re busy at home with orders for sim and scratch cards. Not that I’m complaining! And the way I’m playing? Well, a monkey could do better.