Who are we?

Eli is the CEO (Chief Entertaining Officer to you, or big cheese, top banana), head honcho of PMB Trading Group Ltd.

PMB is an exciting new company set up by Eli and his associates, who between them have over 50 years experience in the telecoms industry.

Welcome to his blog:

You are very welcome to it. It’s about me, well, I’m my favourite subject, and my freaky deaky Dutchness.


I like football,  Man Utd actually, and golf, and orange, and liquorice and Old Amsterdam cheese and watches and crime – reading it that is. I like Africa, a lot, which is good because I work there, a lot. All lekker.


9 responses to “Who are we?

  1. He little brother, I do agree: live your live all the days of your life!!!!


  2. henri en louise

    it looks and sounds great.

  3. good blog

    man u won on sunday great game

  4. your wishes coming true chelsea droppimg points and also losing games . i am worried of nani being there for cup final

  5. Looks great – like it – very entertaining and as far as your comment about me – of course I have not changed but than again – I am a legend in my own mind. Good seeing you; look forward to continue the conversation….

  6. Hi Eli
    I did a google search on golf courses in winter and got a picture of a penguin with a golf club and red and white tuque, which apparently came from this site. I am trying to find a photograph for a Christmas card for charity golf tournament in Vancouver, Canada and wondered about the possibility of acquiring the rights to use this photo.

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