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Do I not like that…!

These are the words of Graham Taylor following England’s defeat to Holland in the World Cup. ‘Do I not like that.’


Excellent. I prefer this though:

It was a very simple team talk. All I used to say was: ‘Whenever possible give the ball to George Best’. Sir Matt Busby’s famous words.

Still on the footy theme, have you seen this clip from a recent Chesterfield game? Keep watching after the goal….!


Anyway enough already. It’s only a game!

Back to business and things have been really busy on the work front. This week I attended some training re social streaming and Mobile Networking Solutions for http://www.myriadgroup.com   We’ll be pushing this product to our client base in Africa & Asia.

We’re also interested in some new  USSD products for the low cost markets – great innovations happening here. Talking about innovations – have you seen the new product page on our WEB SITE? Great stuff  available, complete mobile phone software solutions apart from our old favourites which are proving very popular.

I’m just preparing for  a trip to Indonesia, with clients there interested in our new mobile phone software solutions. Will there be time for a sneaky round of golf? I doubt it, it’s a pretty full itinerary and we’re busy at home with orders for sim and scratch cards. Not that I’m complaining! And the way I’m playing? Well, a monkey could do better.

Mr Smith goes to Washington

Yesterday we watched Mr Smith Goes to Washington, a 1939 political drama, films like they used to be…. Jefferson Smith, played by James Stewart, was a naive young chap sent to the Capitol by corrupt politicians, but as in all Hollywood movies good overcomes evil, and the Don Quixote of  America gets the girl in the end – without tilting at windmills. He makes decisions and  sticks to them. Justice prevails and there’s a happy ending.

Just like PMB. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We promise an honest trustworthy service, and we won’t compromise on that.

Well. it’s only Monday, and so far our website has just been updated – check out the new products page.

Several tenders are in the ether for USSD and SIM cards.

Our new handsets are on their way.

And I’m in talks with two very interesting South African companies for exclusivity on their must-have hardware.

I need a holiday!