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By candlelight, a goat looks like a lady…

I’ve not blogged for a while.

Well we’ve been busy here, what with work, the Easter Bunny and a visit from the Fockers.

I’ve not seen my Ma and Pa in a while, well, they do live across the water, and I mean Amsterdam, not Birkenhead. My shoulders are just about back down to their usual position, and no longer around my ears. Stressed? You will be.

What happens if we turn into our parents?

Or should that be what happens when we turn into our parents?

To make matters worse, I’VE GIVEN UP SMOKING!!! I promised I would THREE years ago when I met she who must be obeyed. Hundreds of excuses later, (from me), and thousands of threats, (from her), she presented me with a hypnotherapy CD.


Apparently all the money I will save could buy me membership at the Altrincham equivalent of the Augusta National Golf Club. Hmm, or maybe shoes and handbags. (No, not for me, for the oracle.)

Back to normal now though, and we have some USB HSDPA Modems at less than $30, an absolute giveaway, and superb quality, and as global mobile data traffic is forecast to double annually over the next five years, these little beauties will come into their own.