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Silvio, Silvio

Never a dull moment in Italy:

This week the carabinieri issued arrest warrants for a total of 56 people in connection with a €2bn tax fraud and money laundering scam reportedly linked to the ‘Ndrangheta – the Calabrian mafia – which took place between 2003 and 2006. Italy’s second largest fixed broadband provider, Fastweb, is also embroiled in the investigation and company founder Silvio Scaglia, who had an arrest warrant out for him, made the police an offer they couldn’t refuse by turning himself in this morning. Scaglia no longer has anything to do with Fastweb, which he sold to Swisscom in 2007, but headed up the firm during the time of the allegations.

PMB always has been, and always will be, transparent and trustworthy.

I’m about to launch some new branded handsets which are top banana – low cost phones – which I am proud to label with the PMB logo. The company website is currently being updated so keep your eyes peeled there for info:


Things to remember when marketing products in other countries:

When Coca-Cola first shipped to China, they named the product something that

when pronounced sounded like “Coca-Cola.” The only problem was that the

characters used meant “Bite the wax tadpole.” They later changed to a

set of characters that mean “Happiness in the mouth.”

A hair products company, Clairol, introduced the “Mist Stick”, a curling

iron, into Germany only to find out that mist is slang for manure.

Not too many people had use for the manure stick.

The Chevy Nova never sold well in Spanish speaking countries. “No va” means

“it doesn’t go” in Spanish.