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Just back from Indonesia, things are going really well there. Missed my flight on the way home, the traffic is TERRIBLE, but below is the man who can sort it, next time, I’ll mention it!

This is a picture of yours truly with my favourite supliers and The Minister of Environment: Gusti Muhammad Hatta:

The De Valk Windmill


I just thought I would say a big hello to our friends and business associates in Nigeria – looking forward to doing business with you…


We are all feeling better this morning – the sun is shining and it has stopped raining. It has been awful, just 100 miles to the north of us the poor sods in Cockermouth in Cumbria had 9″ of rain in one day, their town was devastated by it. Good job that rain didn’t fall over Holland:

‘The Netherlands faces the North Sea in western Europe. The Dutch have a saying: “God made the Earth, but the Dutch made Holland.” The first defences against the sea went up some 800 years ago. Today more than 2,400 kilometers (1,491 miles) of dikes shield the low, flat land—almost half of which lies below sea level—from invasion by the North Sea. Without the existing dikes 65 percent of the country would be flooded daily.’

RIGHT – BACK TO WORK. We are busy processing orders and enquiries following the Cape Town Conference, all still very positive, modems seem to be flavour of the month… keep on keeping on..

Africa Com 2009

This week I will be blogging from Cape Town where I will be attending Africa Com 2009.


In fact I am writing this whilst at Heathrow’s infamous Terminal 5 waiting to board – hope my golf clubs have made it – you know how much business is done on the fairway…!

Mind you, I don’t think I’ll have much energy left, every minute seems to be accounted for.

There just aren’t enough MINUTES IN A DAY:


  • Consumers used more than 2.2 trillion minutes of use (MOUs) in the last 12 months (July 2007 – June 2008), marking a staggering 9,958% increase during 1991.
  • In the first half of 2008, consumers talked on average a total of 187 billion minutes each month. That is more than 6 billion minutes each day, and amounts to about 766 minutes per customer each month.
  • In the first six months of 2008 (Jan.  1 – June 30), consumers used more than 1.1 trillion MOUs, an increase of more than 10%compared to the same time period in 2007.
  • The largest spike in MOUs took place between June 2005 and June 2006. During this 12-month period, MOUs increased by almost 418 billion, from approximately 1.26 trillion to 1.68 trillion.

Man flu?

I don’t think it’s Swine flu, more like piglet flu, but I’m going to try and make the most of it and see how far it gets me.

Well, not very far. Five minutes worth of sympathy just about did it.


Anyway we soldier on. All is very positive, and the company is going from strength to strength. Suppliers are lined up and customers await the results of equipment testing. From what seemed a slow start, the pace is quickening and networking is paying dividends. The calm before the storm…

And as my son continues to wow us at his new school:

Teacher: Did you father help your with your homework?
Student: No, he did it all by himself.

Another SALE of The Century…a steal, a deal

Attention all Procurement Managers!!

This must be the best offer seen this side of Christmas…Wimax Modems below $70.00  !! Can you catch your breath?

Or what about HSUPA Modems below $50.00 !! 

Hurry , Hurry, You KNOW you want to

Are we giving it away? 


Quote of the day:

The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work.

Wind up?

The next product to hit our shelves is the wind-up phone.

This, I am certain will be a huge success on the African continent, and our order book is already humming with interested parties.



Did you know:

“98% of all the chickens in the world bred for meat today are descended from birds supplied by just three companies.”


Every time I play golf I tee off thinking  – it’s possible, I can do it. Out in 29. Back in 29.

Funnily enough, this is yet to happen. It can only be a matter of time.

And who knows, one day, 98% of all the mobile phones in the world will be supplied by just three companies. And PMB Trading Group will be one of them. If you are going to have a dream, have a big one!

It’s a deal It’s a steal It’s the SALE OF THE CENTURY!


How low can you go? This price will not be beaten.


You’ve got to be in it to win it, so contact me for details…