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St Radboud

November 29th is the Feast Day of St Radboud. A Dutch chap descended from the King of the Frisians. He earnt his stripes at the court of Charles the Bald, who wasn’t bald but very hairy.

In turn Charles was married to Ermentrude:

And Ermintrude was the posh happy cow on The Magic Roundabout:


And THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT isn’t what Tiger Woods crashed into last night. He crashed in to a fire hydrant outside his house in Florida. It appears that St Tiger’s grip isn’t what it was. And the golf club used by his wife might not have been to release him from the locked car, but to remind him that Rachel Uchitel is out of bounds. Penalty shot Tiger!

Which leaves the way wide open for me to hit the leader board.

Ha. By the way Modems are on the way cross continent.