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It’s all been rather busy at HQ. What with moving house and several international business trips – it’s all go!

I recently returned from Jakarta, Indonesia, where there was a lot of interest in our Social Networks Solution software,  the take up for this will be fantastic, so anticipate a return trip in the next few days to cross some ‘t’s etc… I’ll probably call in on a new client in Cambodia, and the CommunicAsia Fair in Singapore. Seems the pull to the Far East has overtaken you guys in Africa. Just when there was a little football tournament going on there as well! COME ON THE DUTCH!

Anyway, can you believe it? It’s our birthday. We are one year old this week. Feels like ten years. Our feet haven’t touched the ground, and hand on heart we couldn’t have asked for a better start.

Business has snowballed, far exceeding our expectations, especially in the current financial squeeze. So a big thank you to all our customers out there. As my friends in the Redskins might say – Keep on keeping on. Maybe we should have a party to celebrate?


Signing off here, have a tender to check for tomorrow. No peace for the wicked….

Tyger Tyger burning bright red….

Dear oh Dear oh Dear.

What on earth has my buddy been up to? You have to keep your mind on the job in hand….

Tiger is entitled to play a “provisional”, but this one went “out of bounds”.It’s “putter” strain on his marriage,and he needs a “slice” of luck to help him feel “par” again.It could have been worse, she could have been a “hooker”,but he now has a “hole in one” of his cars.

Nose right up to the grindstone, at the coalface all day today.

Turn Me On


Have you seen this? Apparently it’s to be found on the wall of a Doctor’s surgery. How drole.

I was sent to the Doctor’s this week. With a list. A shopping list of ailments put together by she who must be obeyed. I’ll spare you the details, but the most contentious issue is the incessant banter, the non-stop chatter, the babbling brook.


And if I don’t get it sorted out she’s going to smother me with a pillow. Don’t worry though, because our secrets are safe. I talk in my sleep IN DUTCH!

Here is a picture we took this afternoon – sunset on the golf course:


Couldn’t resist the temptation…

12th Kampala Golf Club Uganda

12th Kampala Golf Club Uganda

Well, today was one of those lovely autumn days..you know what I mean, beautiful sunshine, gorgeous colours on the leaves…and the golf course is only 3 minute drive away..

As you guessed correctly, around 4pm I couldn’t control the inner Tiger anymore, I needed to unleash him and try to split some fairways.


Did you know:

“98% of all the chickens in the world bred for meat today are descended from birds supplied by just three companies.”


Every time I play golf I tee off thinking  – it’s possible, I can do it. Out in 29. Back in 29.

Funnily enough, this is yet to happen. It can only be a matter of time.

And who knows, one day, 98% of all the mobile phones in the world will be supplied by just three companies. And PMB Trading Group will be one of them. If you are going to have a dream, have a big one!

The Weekend

How do you spend your weekend?

Last weekend was a little different for me. I was dragged kicking and screaming around Tate Liverpool and the Maritime Museum. And I’m still here to tell the tale. Actually it wasn’t that bad. But not as good as this weekend.


This weekend United are top of the table, my golf game was not too shabby, and my son was picked for the Rugby team at his new school. Champion.

Thought for the day:

‘After all is said and done, more is said than done.’