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Ten days and counting. Christmas is a little over a week away, but you wouldn’t know it in our house.

Santa’s Grotto it is not.

I think we’re going for the minimalist look.

The Christmas Spirit seems to exist only in the egg-nog at the back of the drinks cupboard.

There’s no tree/tinsel/baubles or holly.

But. There is snow. Tomorrow. It’s going to snow. The salt mine five minutes down the road supplies all the grit for all the roads in the UK when it snows. Winsford. You never need to go there, but it’s famous for salt, and the factory is open 24/7 this week. It’s going to snow.

And what more could you ask for under the tree this year than the PMB phone of the year?!


Wonder what my buddy – Tiger’s resolutions will be – twelve over par – natch!

It ain’t over ’til the FAT LADY SINGS!

This is the fat lady singing:

Well, what a week. This is what they mean by ‘being a victim of your own success’.

We have employed some pretty determined chasing and following up after the recent conference in Cape Town, and have several deals in the pipeline, numerous balls in the air, and three or four plates spinning – to coin a cliche or two. And of course the nature of the business means that everyone wants everything before Christmas.

Mmm, well with less than 3 weeks to go before the Happy  Holiday this was going to be a tall order.

So far, so good, and I think Father Christmas will have a few extra packages to deliver… And the Fat Lady’s singing!