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Viva Espana

I thought I would start the week with a nod to Don Quixote. As I am off to sunny Spain tomorrow, today’s blog should feature the best of Spanish culture, hence Cervantes, and a picture by Picasso of Quixote and his side-kick; Sancho Panza. The title of my blog alludes to an adventure by the errant knight. Quixote thought the windmills he could see in the far distance were huge giants, and he prepared to fight them…

So tomorrow I take my trusty steed – Easyjet – and embark on my chivalrous quest – to conquer clients at GMSA. We’ve been doing a lot of research recently into procurement. It seems that the industry leaders are now out-sourcing their procurement on consultancy terms – great news for PMB.

The word on the street, is of course Social Streaming… ¬†have all your favorite social websites.. i.e Facebook, Linkedin etc, under one umbrella… at the push of a button on your phone. We are working very close together with Europe’s largest software house..who incidentally sponsor the best Mobile award at MWC..

I’m very excited to be demonstrating our new low cost handsets at the show, not to mention our must-have, knock me down with a feather, amazing qwerty mobile!

Happy New Year – and our very best ROAR to our friends in China.