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Winging their way…


Hello, frustrated of Manchester here again.

Our latest  tranch of samples have just hit the high road.

Despite one or two teeny weeny flies in the ointment.

For example, I couldn’t believe my ears on hearing that the clerk in the DHL Office in the UK had never heard of Johannesburg, and was intent on sticking zip codes on all parcels, when zip codes don’t exist east of Algiers. The poor girls in the office here get my sympathy. How do the wheels of industry keep on turning when there are so many hurdles… However, all is well now and under control.

OK. Most things are under control, it was my son’s first Parents’ Evening last night, and I learnt that he has a tendency to be easily distracted  – with a bit too much to say. Don’t know where he gets that from!

But,the evening only got better as Manchester United equalled Ajax’s record of 14 successive unbeaten away matches in the Champions League after beating CSKA Moscow 1-0 to move within touching distance of the knockout stages. Ding Dong!