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RV or not RV

We’re back from our Winnebago Adventure! It was great – camping for wimps. That’s me.

Hot and cold water, a proper bed and Sky TV. What more could you ask for? The site we chose was fab – just a five minute walk from St Andrews. In fact it was a golf course – St Michael’s – the M&S of camping? Sorry about that, but they were very organised and good value for money with a marquee set up for hot breakfasts and bbqs, and lots of Dutch, we love caravans and tents do the Dutch.

We played lots of golf with very friendly Scottish folk, and spent Sunday at the Open, which although not a thrilling finish, was a wonderful spectacle… would certainly recommend it!

Hello to all our friends in Mozambique, the latest customers to take advantage of our most popular handsets. We’ve also got more than a few hot leads in South America, especially with regard to some new Android handsets we have available.

And it won’t be long before we can offer our own version of the iPad:

The Indian government has unveiled the prototype of an iPad-like touch-screen laptop, with a price tag of $35 (£23), which it hopes to roll out next year. Aimed at students, the tablet supports web browsing, video conferencing and word processing, say developers. Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said a manufacturer was being sought for the gadget, which was developed by India’s top IT colleges.

Catching my breath

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks to be honest. Moving house was a nightmare. We seemed to be thoroughly organised, but it still seemed like chaos! We sent half a tonne of rubbish to the tip and another half a tonne to the local charity shops, and we still have several tonnes surplus to requirement. It does seem to be true that the bigger the space you have the more you fill it.

Minimalist is the new mantra.

Actually I thought ‘Winning Ugly’ was my new mantra.

Because there has been the small matter of a little football competition taking place over the last few weeks which I may have cast my eye over once or twice in between packing boxes… By the way I hear Oxo are making a new product. The packaging is white with a red cross and they’re calling it the laughing stock. England were awful, ‘Losing Ugly’ seemed to be their strap line.

Good job the Oranje were there to save the day for the beautiful game. Well, until the final that was. When it all went very pear shaped. I have to agree with Johan Cruyff who called it ‘anti-football’…

“This ugly, vulgar, hard, hermetic, hardly eye-catching, hardly football style… If with this they got satisfaction, fine, but they lost.”

Shocking. Absolutely shocking. Nine yellow cards, and they were lucky not to be playing with nine men!

Apparently a trait that the Dutch are well known for is their cleanliness. Mmm, not in this case!

Business continues to improve. Orders for sim cards are strong. And we have just road-tested some fab low-cost handsets that have been very well received. If you would like to have a look, I’d strongly recommend getting in touch, they are selling like hot cakes.

I’m off to The Open today with my son. So I’ll blog from St Andrews, I’m taking my clubs and lots of waterproofs, I didn’t qualify this year, but you just never know!!

Do I not like that…!

These are the words of Graham Taylor following England’s defeat to Holland in the World Cup. ‘Do I not like that.’

Excellent. I prefer this though:

It was a very simple team talk. All I used to say was: ‘Whenever possible give the ball to George Best’. Sir Matt Busby’s famous words.

Still on the footy theme, have you seen this clip from a recent Chesterfield game? Keep watching after the goal….!

Anyway enough already. It’s only a game!

Back to business and things have been really busy on the work front. This week I attended some training re social streaming and Mobile Networking Solutions for   We’ll be pushing this product to our client base in Africa & Asia.

We’re also interested in some new  USSD products for the low cost markets – great innovations happening here. Talking about innovations – have you seen the new product page on our WEB SITE? Great stuff  available, complete mobile phone software solutions apart from our old favourites which are proving very popular.

I’m just preparing for  a trip to Indonesia, with clients there interested in our new mobile phone software solutions. Will there be time for a sneaky round of golf? I doubt it, it’s a pretty full itinerary and we’re busy at home with orders for sim and scratch cards. Not that I’m complaining! And the way I’m playing? Well, a monkey could do better.

By candlelight, a goat looks like a lady…

I’ve not blogged for a while.

Well we’ve been busy here, what with work, the Easter Bunny and a visit from the Fockers.

I’ve not seen my Ma and Pa in a while, well, they do live across the water, and I mean Amsterdam, not Birkenhead. My shoulders are just about back down to their usual position, and no longer around my ears. Stressed? You will be.

What happens if we turn into our parents?

Or should that be what happens when we turn into our parents?

To make matters worse, I’VE GIVEN UP SMOKING!!! I promised I would THREE years ago when I met she who must be obeyed. Hundreds of excuses later, (from me), and thousands of threats, (from her), she presented me with a hypnotherapy CD.


Apparently all the money I will save could buy me membership at the Altrincham equivalent of the Augusta National Golf Club. Hmm, or maybe shoes and handbags. (No, not for me, for the oracle.)

Back to normal now though, and we have some USB HSDPA Modems at less than $30, an absolute giveaway, and superb quality, and as global mobile data traffic is forecast to double annually over the next five years, these little beauties will come into their own.

Happy New Year!

I’m back – thank goodness! Normality, well nearly…

I’m not being a grinch, but that did go on and on and on… there’s only so many mince pies and in-laws I can digest. And round this way the ground is frozen harder than an eskimo on a motorbike, which of course means that any escape to the golf course was completely out of the question!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful break, and are raring to go in 2010.

I have got very positive vibes for the months to come, despite the doom and gloom on all the news channels, we have orders in the pipeline…

I am off to Hong Kong next week to meet manufacturers, testing new products and looking at some very exciting new kit.


Here is mine:

‘Say yes to everything’


Ten days and counting. Christmas is a little over a week away, but you wouldn’t know it in our house.

Santa’s Grotto it is not.

I think we’re going for the minimalist look.

The Christmas Spirit seems to exist only in the egg-nog at the back of the drinks cupboard.

There’s no tree/tinsel/baubles or holly.

But. There is snow. Tomorrow. It’s going to snow. The salt mine five minutes down the road supplies all the grit for all the roads in the UK when it snows. Winsford. You never need to go there, but it’s famous for salt, and the factory is open 24/7 this week. It’s going to snow.

And what more could you ask for under the tree this year than the PMB phone of the year?!


Wonder what my buddy – Tiger’s resolutions will be – twelve over par – natch!

St Radboud

November 29th is the Feast Day of St Radboud. A Dutch chap descended from the King of the Frisians. He earnt his stripes at the court of Charles the Bald, who wasn’t bald but very hairy.

In turn Charles was married to Ermentrude:

And Ermintrude was the posh happy cow on The Magic Roundabout:

And THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT isn’t what Tiger Woods crashed into last night. He crashed in to a fire hydrant outside his house in Florida. It appears that St Tiger’s grip isn’t what it was. And the golf club used by his wife might not have been to release him from the locked car, but to remind him that Rachel Uchitel is out of bounds. Penalty shot Tiger!

Which leaves the way wide open for me to hit the leader board.

Ha. By the way Modems are on the way cross continent.



Turn Me On


Have you seen this? Apparently it’s to be found on the wall of a Doctor’s surgery. How drole.

I was sent to the Doctor’s this week. With a list. A shopping list of ailments put together by she who must be obeyed. I’ll spare you the details, but the most contentious issue is the incessant banter, the non-stop chatter, the babbling brook.


And if I don’t get it sorted out she’s going to smother me with a pillow. Don’t worry though, because our secrets are safe. I talk in my sleep IN DUTCH!

Here is a picture we took this afternoon – sunset on the golf course: