Chavez chats online…

If you have been following the election here in the UK you will know how important the televised debates have been. The LibDems were nowhere before the charismatic appearance of Nick Clegg on the first debate.

Twitter, and other networking sites went bonkers. Thousands of comments from members of the public as well as journalists and political commentators had a huge impact on the way the second debate was played out.

Politics by Twitter. The internet election.

Interesting that neither Gordon Brown, nor David Cameron are Twitterers.

David Cameron was quoted last year saying ‘too many tweets make a twat’.

Hugo Chavez, the leader of Venezuela has a Twitter account. His first tweet appeared on his chavezcandanga account in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A few hours later, 29,000 followers had signed up. His communications advisors are hoping for 7 million more. And who can blame them? Delivering his weekly TV show Alo Presidente, Mr Chavez once went on air for eight hours and 15 minutes without a break. Try doing that with 140 characters or fewer.

My meeting in Egypt on Monday – very topical!


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