The Dutch are everywhere…

‘I could never believe in a game where the one who hits the ball least wins.’


Put it like that and maybe it’s time to take up tennis. I had a lesson with the pro at the club and changed one or two things. It worked for three holes and then we were back to nicky nacky noo.

I just don’t understand it, especially when I learnt that Tiger Woods is one-eighth Dutch. We might even be related. I know what you’re wondering – which eighth is that then?

Someone else in the news with a bit of the Old Dutch in him is Nick Clegg, leader of the LibDems, (his mother is Hermance van den Wall Bake!) I don’t have a vote in the UK, but if I did it would be for the Liberal Democrats, I would love a hung parliament, unlike the majority of British businesses polled today:

‘The British Chambers of Commerce found that 65% of 300 firms it polled were either “concerned” or “very concerned” about the prospect of no clear winner.’


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