And they’re off…

“C’mon Dover, move your bloomin’ arse”

Conjure up the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady… those black and white costumes, the elegance.. every duke and earl and peer is here, and then forget all that, because Haydock Park is to Ascot, what our local chippy is to The Savoy.

We went last night, for the evening meeting. Racing and a Beatles revival band. Sounded great on paper, and was actually fascinating, but maybe not for all the right reasons.

So much fake tan and hairspray, so little time. I was scared. Very scared. The fillies in the parade ring were less threatening!

We were celebrating a great week for PMB. With new orders under our belts for sim cards and scratch cards, and a handset trial in Namibia successfully completed, we certainly can’t complain.

I’m off to Egypt at the weekend for important meetings on social networking solutions.


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