My Pet

Two goldfish were in their tank.

One turns to the other and says, ‘You man the guns, I’ll drive.’

We’re thinking about getting a dog. I’d like a daschund, but I might be outnumbered by the votes for a dalmation or heaven forbid – a pug. No way am I taking a pug for a walk…

Famous last words. We have four goldfish. They love me. I’m the only mug happy to feed them and clean them out. It has to get pretty foggy in the tank before it happens, but I still do it. Everyone else ignores the fish. And that’s exactly what would happen with a dog.

If I was a pet I’d be a cat. Or a snake. Actually I feel more like a hamster, round and round and round….

You can find out what sort of web animal you are by doing a short test on the BBC website:

We’re going to find out what sort of flying animals we are on Thursday. We should be flying to Majorca. Well some airports are opening tomorrow. We might be OK. But who really fancies being a guinea pig up there?

It’s a long weekend following a long year at the coal face. I couldn’t be more delighted with the way things are going with PMB. It’s been harder work than I ever thought possible. But we’re really moving ahead now. Orders and quotations are flying out (well they were!) all over the globe. Our product line is mushrooming to meet demand. Fingers crossed and keep on keeping on….

Popular names for goldfish include Goldie, Spotty, Bubbles, Skipper, Flipper, Angel, Nemo, Sissy, Blackie, Sushi and Fish & Chips.

One response to “My Pet

  1. You are correct to avoid pugs – they SNORE! A dachshund would be nice – they are great dogs. As are Jack Russell Terriers. Good luck with the selection.

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