Achilles’ Hell

I spent the weekend in Weston Super Mare. I was on tour with my son and his rugby team. We had a great time,  I’m still getting over it, and I know that what goes on tour – stays on tour, except I’m allowing myself some familial pride. My son was awarded Man of the Match, by the opposition team, and I am really chuffed about that.

And then today, I heard that he had won Player of the Season at his school. So I can be even more proud of him if that is possible!

Pride – my Achilles’ Heel. (Incidentally if anyone knows why the apostrophe comes after the ‘s’ in Achilles’ please let the Dutch man know!)

Beckhams’ (?) Heel is on the front pages. Or should that be Hell? My lovely wife is devastated. The World Cup just won’t be the same without him there, according to her. She needs to get over it. What’s wrong with Rooney?


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One response to “Achilles’ Hell

  1. Think I might be able to answer your apostrophe question, it’s beacuse it isn’t the great Greek hero Achille’s heel, it’s the Dutchman’s Achilles heel however the apostrophe goes after the s’ beacause the word ends in s. I hope you find Charles’ help helpful it’s not exactly double dutch is it?!

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