Flexing your mussels

I’ve just spoken to a pal of mine in Zimbabwe. He was having his supper; mussels from the North Sea. Ah, the joys of the global village.

I wonder whether they’ve heard of Molly Malone in deepest, darkest Africa…

This statue of Molly Malone selling her cockles and mussels can be found on Grafton Street in Dublin and has come in for quite a lot of stick – The Tart With The Cart, The Dish With The Fish, The Trollop With The Scallop(s),The Dolly With the Trolley, and The Flirt in the Skirt. Bless.

Anyway, now I’ve got you on the hook, I’m going to tell you how you can increase your net profits.

We’ve been very busy this week working on various tenders, the foundations we took so long working on in the beginning are now coming into their own. Our products are in demand and we have had a lot of interest in our USSD solutions.

Our enquiries are diverse, batteries for power supplies, towers and sim cards are top of the list…

So why don’t you drop the Codfather a line and see what we can do…


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