Anything you can do we can do better!

Africa calling…

Well – I’ve arrived in Barcelona, and guess what?

It seems that Vodafone and Nokia are following where PMB lead.

Offering low cost handsets to the emerging African nations. Our phones are superb quality and fantastic value for money. And they are ready for shipping right now!

‘Vodafone launched the world’s cheapest mobile phone and Microsoft unveiled a new operating system aimed at taking the smartphone into the mass market when the Mobile World Congress began in Barcelona yesterday.

Vodafone showed two new handsets aimed at customers in emerging markets in which it has operations, including India, Turkey and eight African countries. Both mobiles — one called the Vodafone 150, priced at less than £10 — are expected to open up the world of data services to users who could not afford expensive handsets.

The phones will offer basic voice and text services but also will have the built-in ability to manage mobile payments, as Vodafone looks to tap into the expanding market for such payments and money transfers in countries where traditional banks are difficult to access or out of reach for many.

Vodafone is not alone in looking to the cheaper end of the market for future growth. Nokia said that it was testing mobile banking services in India this year. It expected to roll these out to all the big cities in the country by the end of the year. With 4.4 billion mobile phones in the world and only 1.8 billion bank accounts, the opportunity was clear, it said.’


4 responses to “Anything you can do we can do better!

  1. Low cost handsets will enhance telecommunication penetration in Africa without a doubt but they ought to be genuine. Many unscrupulous vendors are supplying fake chinese stuff onto the africa market in the name of reaching to the poor but in the end it is a dis-service. Let’s weed out the bad tomato

  2. Absolutely, we need people like you

  3. Did you know that The Netherlands exports a quarter of the worlds tomatoes (real ones). For such a tiny country that is unbelievable.

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