-15C !!

The coldest place in Britain yesterday was -17C in Woodford – just 5 miles away from us. It’s so cold your breath freezes on the inside of the windscreen, and the gearbox has frozen stiff in the Mini.

Not quite as cold as the coldest place on the planet, Vostok, Russia at -89C.

So, as the country has ground to a halt, it’s lucky I am on the other side of the world and wallowing in +40C!

It is raining in Jakarta though, so golf was off the menu!

I’m looking forward to hooking up with my good friend Denis from the mother country, and then meetings all next week  in China with clients and suppliers. I’m looking at the latest top quality handsets which will be badged in our livery and shipped post haste, to our Bric chums…

Oh, and I have to try and squeeze in a trip to the Mulberry factory, not that I need any new handbags, but Her Indoors doesn’t seem to need any excuse!!


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