He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

It’s all going very well here, I had to stop off in Johannesburg to meet one or two clients, and pick up some orders!

The weather makes it feel like home from home – although the rain is warm here…

Interesting piece from the BBC about the flow of young Africans into China – seeking their fortunes in the East as the West wanes in popularity:


The Chinese Government yesterday pledged $10 billion to Africa – to quash notions of exploiting natural resources…

Chinese officials have been battling accusations that they are only interested in the continent’s oil and minerals as their country presses forward with a decade-long drive to invest in African resources to feed its growing economy. Last year, European Union lawmakers assailed China for courting “oppressive” African governments, such as Sudan, to satisfy its soaring demand for oil and raw materials.


“China is very stung by criticism from so-called Western quarters in recent years,” said Martyn Davies, chief executive officer of Frontier Advisory, a Johannesburg-based research and strategy consulting company. China is trying “to have a softer approach” in an effort to rebut the notion that its interest in Africa is “extractionist in nature.”

Ridle Markus, Africa economist at Absa Group Ltd. in Johannesburg, said in an e-mail. “With substantial infrastructural backlogs in Africa and the need to reduce these backlogs to reduce poverty and become more competitive, Chinese investment will play an even bigger role in future.”

2 responses to “He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

  1. Hi Eli
    How’s the conference going in Cape Town?

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